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Miles Bletchley's Journal
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Sunday, October 5th, 2003
3:39 pm
It was a rare sunny day and feelign somewhat cat like he'd sought out the best patch of sun he could find, which happened to be on the floor of a wide hallway.

He lay on his stomach,legs bent at the knee and waving in the air book open in front of him, and reading avidly.

He did love days like this.
Monday, September 29th, 2003
10:05 pm
With a yawn Miles stretched out in a comfortable chair on the library's upper floor.

For awhile he had been watching over the railing as Draco and Anthony talked and did homework.
He wondered what they were talking about, and he wondered what Anthony was thinking about.

He himself had thought of nothing but Anthony, getting himself into a few embarassing situations over the course of the day due to the subject matter of said thoughts, and the frequency.

He settled back and looked at the fire, hands folded over his stomach, hoping perhaps Anthony would have to come upstairs at some point.
Sunday, September 28th, 2003
5:10 pm
Locked to Ron
He'd woken up alone, but warm and smiling thinking of the night before.

It didn't take him long to gather his things and make his way back to his dorms, shower and go find something to eat.

He saw Anthony as he was eating and thought about going over to say hello, but decided that the shy Ravenclaw may need some space.

After he'd eaten he made his way to the library, settling at a table near the back to work on an essay.
He flicked the quill back and forth over his lips when he suddenly remembered Ron.
Kissing Ron.

He flushed and groaned inwardly, not because he regretted it being RON, but because there was something about the way it happened that didn't add up.
And something else that he had said...
Saturday, September 27th, 2003
3:50 pm
Miles sat in the middle of a wide hallway, legs spreadwide playing gobstanes by himself.

Boring really, but there wasn't much to do. He was waiting for the slumber party to start, thinking it sounded like an awful lot of fun.

He rolled one of the round stones back and forth between his hands for a few minutes, then started sputtering and coughing as it belched it's foul smelling smoke at him.

Leaning back on his hands he yawned, staring up at the ceiling.
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